Complete solution for structural cracks, distress by structural audits and PMC

Aaryan offers complete end to end consulting services, covering structural testing, inspection, audits and certification. Our system are time tested  and proven. We undertake projects that require either a complete scope or a part of our expert services. Working as a team, we are always with our clients to ensure they get the best techno commercial solution from Aaryan. Waterproofing failures often lead to structural problems and vice versa. Aaryan provides a holistic approach to solve both together


Start right by accurately defining techno commercial requirement 

Detailed Requirement Capture

Capturing the requirement in detail is the key aspect of starting any project. the budget, warranty, constraints, operational parameters are all defined over here.

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Detailed site assessment report delivered complimentary*

Preliminary requirement Analysis

Preliminary site visit, followed by key findings are done in this phase. A detailed report with photographs and key parameters are documented and given to the client as a site assessment report*. For select sites, we offer this service complimentary. 


More than 21 Tests to assess the condition of the structure

NDT - Non Destructive Testing

80 percent of structures are just inspected and not tested, putting the safety and durability at risk!Typically offered for old concrete structures in pre repair/ audit stage to - We have special packages for NDT with condition survey for structural consultants.

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Condition survey report by corelating visual inspection and test results

CSR - Condition Survey Report

Evaluate overall condition of structures by correlation of NDT test results and observations. This calssified structures into mildly/ moderately/ severely/ damaged or in the worst case are recommended for demolition

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Bill of quantities backed by methodology and take off sheets 

BOQ - Bill of Quantities

Detailed Bill of Quantities for structural repairs and restoration

Engineering Sketch

Redesign for altered usage of the structure.

RES: Redesign of structure 

Redesign the structure based on cutting edge design software and strengthening scheme that takes care of todays and future needs.

Switching Roofs

Assessment of effective execution of structural repairs ensures value for money. 

RAQ - Repairs with assured Quality

RAQ includes a quality check for effective execution of structural repairs with non destructive testing methods. Raw Material quality, Comparison of pre and post NDT test results is used to assess effectiveness of repairs. Specifications for corrective action if any is provided.


Post repairs, assess the load bearing capacity of structures to confirm the translation of design into execution.

SLT: Structural Load Tests

Load tests with specified loading intensity is conducted on Bridges, Warehouse floors,  Slabs, Podiums, Helipads,  Escalators and more.

Switching Roofs

Issue of structural stability certificate by qualified professionals.

SSC - Structural Stability Certificate

Structural Stabillity certificate is issued after a thourough check by licensed engineers.

Building Awnings

Improper preventive maintenance plans lead to faster deterioration of structures

PMS - Preventive Maintenance Plan

A detailed preventive measures list with periodic testing.


Range of inspection and testing services

Aaryan offers a range of testing services to cover most of the structural testing requirements


Concrete Mixing

Structural Steel

Steel Framing

Timber, Bricks, Tiles etc

Wooden Planks

Foundation Tests


Inspection & Measurement

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