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Steel Test: Services
Steel Testing

Whether it is structural steel or rebars for concrete, fire damaged, old or new structures, steel testing services cover all aspects to provide a perfect input to help you take correct engineering decisions.


Magnetic Particle Test

Designed to detect sub surface welding defects, the test generates patterns that are photographed for reference. Ideal for key welds where defects are not visible to the naked eye, this is a quick test applicable for steel structures.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Over Coatings

Normally, steel thickness gauges do not measure thickness over coatings. Using the latest globally available instrumentation technology, this test measures the steel thickness from upto 20 mm of coatings and underwater, making it the ideal choice for marine applications and industrial applications.


Dye Penetration Test

Dye Penetrant Examination is used for the inspection of surface associated discontinuities in weld components. In this technique low viscosity liquids are allowed to penetrate in the surface openings and after penetration, liquid is made to extract out again by means of some developers

Steel Physical properties

Used to determine the grade of steel and type of steel (torr / mild)

rebar test.jpg

Steel chemical properties

Used to determine the type of steel (torr / mild) and its chemical composition.

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