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Integrity and Dynamic tests are most frequently used tests to assess the continuity and load bearing capacity of the pile


Integrity Test

(ASTM D-5882)

A pile integrity test is used to assess the continuity of piles. With this test, necking or bulging and uniformity of quality of concrete are checked. This test does not determine the length of the pile.

Pile Dynamic Test

ASTM 4995 (High Strain Dynamic Test) and IS-2911 (part-1 section-1)

A pile dynamic test is used to assess the load-bearing capacity of the pile. This test uses an impact hammer (of weight in proportion to the weight of the pile). Tests are conducted to comply with international codes like ASTM 4995 (High Strain Dynamic Test) and IS-2911 (part-1 section-1) using the Hileys formula based on the preference of the client/consultant. Data is captured using state-of-the-art instruments. Data processing is done to arrive at the dynamic load-bearing capacity as per applicable standards. This test is relatively easy to conduct and requires very few site arrangements as compared to a static load test.


Open foundation testing

Assessment of foundation size and strength

Assessment of the foundation is done for size and its strength by excavation, measurement taking cores samples for testing.

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