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The challenge in this situation was the presence of multiple leakage spots on the roof after the warranty period had expired. Rather than opting for patch repairs, a more comprehensive solution was needed to address the roof's ongoing issues.


To address this challenge, a complete revamp of the roof was recommended. This solution began with a detailed audit to assess the extent of the problems. Following the audit, testing was conducted to gather essential data, and detailed specifications were developed. The team also evaluated multiple roofing systems to determine the most suitable and effective option.


The benefit of this approach was that it provided a long-term solution to the roof's leakage problems. Instead of patching up individual spots, the complete revamp improved the overall roof structure, minimizing the risk of future leaks. The audit, testing, and careful selection of the roofing system ensured that the chosen solution was both cost-effective and durable, offering improved performance and peace of mind for the building owner.

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