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The challenge in this scenario was the occurrence of cracks in a cement plant under construction in Sri Lanka, resulting in an estimated cost of USD 12 million. These cracks were indicative of poor concrete quality, which posed a significant issue during the construction phase.


According to Aaryan's testing and analysis, the recommended solution involved addressing the identified problems. Specifically, it was determined that proper design review and drawing release processes were not followed. Therefore, to mitigate the defects in the cement plant, a corrective approach would include implementing a rigorous design review process and adhering to an improved drawing release process.


The benefit of implementing the recommended solution would be an improvement in the construction quality of the cement plant. By following a proper design review and drawing release process, the plant's construction could proceed with higher-quality concrete, reducing the risk of cracks and defects. This would not only save costs associated with repair but also ensure the long-term structural integrity of the cement plant.

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