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Waterproofing: A different approach

Post warranty, and sometimes pre warranty period, there are failures in waterproofing systems. This post summarizes the current trends and proposes a integrated approach to solve this long standing issue faced by clients.

Current industry trend

Applicators authorized by manufacturers meet the clients and propose their systems. The clients are then left to evaluate diverse systems and decide. This prevalent industry approach has its own drawbacks like not being able to compare like to like systems.

A 360 degree approach

There could be a different approach to the waterproofing issues. Starting from requirement gathering, to selection of a system fitting techno commercials. Then identifying the manufacturer with proven track record in the region, followed by choice of applicator authorized by the manufacturer. Thsi ultimately results in a tripartite bond between client, manufacturer and applicator, supervised and tested by the experts to certify the final works.

Aaryan at the forefront

Aaryan, with its team of consultants, engineers, supervisors has put together a methodology that gives a step by step approach to the waterproofing process, putting the client at ease. A few projects are currently being executed with this methodology and its results shall soon appear as case studies.

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