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A large cement manufacturing plant in south india.

A large cement manufacturing plant in south india.


A 50-year-old marine jetty in Africa needed to undergo NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) tests to evaluate its structural integrity and safety. The challenge was to assess the condition of the jetty, particularly the underwater steel elements, to ensure it could continue to function effectively and safely.


To address this challenge, extensive UPV (Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity) testing and mapping were carried out to determine the reinforcement of the jetty. Divers appointed by the client utilized special marine instruments to assess the thickness of the underwater steel elements. Additionally, a detailed photographic report and comparisons to standard steel sections were employed to determine the reduction in thickness since the jetty's construction.


The benefit of this comprehensive approach was that it provided crucial data for a structural audit and condition survey of the marine jetty. This data was then passed on to a leading European consultant for further analysis. By obtaining a clear understanding of the jetty's condition, potential safety concerns were identified and could be addressed, ensuring the jetty's continued safe operation in the future.

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