Complete solution to leakages by waterproofing audits and PMC 

Aaryan offers complete end to end consulting services, covering basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, external wall waterproofing, using latest waterproofing products and systems, evaluation of competent waterproofing contractors, supervision of works and ultimately a certification process. Waterproofing failures often lead to structural problems and vice versa. Aaryan provides a holistic approach to solve both together.

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Locating the source of water leakage

Using state of the art equipment

Combining over 20 different instruments ranging from thermal cameras, moisture meters, locators, acoustic instruments, our team has expertise to locate the source of water leakage to a reasonable degree of accuracy. 


Establishing water proofing system requirement

Capturing requirements accurately

Audit waterproofing to check current leaks, materials, warranty, measurement sheets, with on site tests and analysis

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Identification of ideal techno commercial system suitable for the requirement

Each system is unique to the site

Selection of the right waterproofing system  to meet current and future requirements

Chemical Plant

Selection of manufacturer providing the selected system

Mapping system to manufacturer

Recommend the brand that has established experience in the system in similar applications

Switching Roofs

Evaluation of authorized applicators experienced in the system

Em-paneled applicators 

Recommend the set of applicators experienced in executing system of the selected manufacturer

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Supervision of execution with periodic visits at key milestones.

Extensive checklists

Periodic inspection by experts and engineers.  Action points monitoring by back office for compliance

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Periodic testing of works and measurements

State of the art instruments

Extensive periodic tests to measure and monitor the execution by applicator
along with the manufacturer

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Certification of successful completion of works

Compliance statement

Collect extensive site data, inspection reports, test reports for issuing water proofing certification.

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Preventive maintenance methods protocol

Defined checklist for month, quarter and year

periodic testing post application, twice a year to ascertain the effectiveness of system. Issues if any are promptly actioned.

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Periodic evaluation of waterproofing system

Periodic checks 

Periodic checking of weak spots especially pre monsoon to preempt and take preventive action well in time.