Visual Inspection and Measurements

Visual inspection and measurement of cracks, deflection, verticality etc. are an important part of the structural audit

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Visual Inspection

A detailed visual inspection is carried out by extensive photography and marking on the drawings. This provides a ready reference for structural audits, structural repairs schemes and technical meetings. All structural observations are codified for quick assessment and incorporation into the BOQ for repairs.


Endoscopic Inspection

Ideal for inspection in false ceilings, crevices and other difficult to inspect areas, this computer based system is designed to capture still photos and videos of the hidden surface. Ideal to capture spalling above false ceilings during inspection and other applications, this test is a critical test.


Crack Width Measurement

Using standard thickness measurement devices, crack width is measured either one time or over a period of time say, 6 months, specially fabricated devices ensure that measurements are taken exactly at the same place again and again for plotting historical trends. ideal for structural designers to check progressive development of cracks, this is quick, low cost method.


Slab Deflection Measurement

Using a system of weights and calibrated scales, the slab deflection is measured at the ends, middle and midpoints. The results of the deflection are then compared with the national building codes for checking acceptable limits.


Verticality Check

Verticality Check to ascertain the vertical face of the building/shafts.

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