Timber, Tiles, Bricks Testing

Construction material like timber, tiles, bricks, blocks etc. are tested for specific properties


Timber Strength

Visual inspection for qualitative assessment of the state of timber to identify Defects and alterations including knots and fibre deviation, longitudinal splitting, ring shakes, biological damage and insect attacks. Using Non-Destructive Methods (NDT) to measure the moisture content of the wood, which severely affects its Mechanical properties and its susceptibility to degradation by decay, Ultrasonic investigations, Assessment of the material hardness and superficial consistence, Detection of internal defects and density variations by means of measure of drilling resistance, Compression tests and Bending tests (10 specimens type b) for modulus of elasticity and strength.


Moisture Meter

Measuring the moisture content in elements like timber and plaster, this tests indicates the quality of the material especially after ageing over a long number of years.

Bricks and Mortar

Brick Testing

Brick testing to be done for old bricks taken from masonary structures, special bricks, paver blocks etc.

Colorful Roof Tiles

Tile Testing

Tile testing tests properties like strength of the tile, water absorption, scratch resistance etc.

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