Is your building sick? Are you at risk?
Every building needs extensive repairs after some years! Is your building one of them?

Weak Building

Is your building showing signs of cracks, deflections, bulging, sagging or settlement?

Poor Health

Are occupants showing respiratory disease symptoms due to damp surroundings & leakages?

Delayed Repairs

Are you postphoning simple repairs today, not knowing that the cost will be much higher in future?

Higher Costs

Have you calculated the total cost impact due to loss of productivity and vitality?

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Leakage Survey 
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 Complete range of services
  • Skyscrapers

    Visual Inspection


    Visual examination of the building with detailed photography with water leakage survey

  • Scientist on Tablet

    NDT Tests


    Conducting non destructive tests to get key parameters affecting strength with deterioration due to water leakage

  • Discussing the Numbers

    Corelation - Analysis


    Corelated visual inspection, NDT tests and leakage survey data to get comprehensive picture

  • Magazines

    Repair Methodology


    Bill of quantities and repair methods specified for restoration and leakage prevention

  • Scientist on Tablet

    Periodic inspection, tests


    Quality check during execution of repairs. Retest to check the effectiveness of repairs

  • Shaking Hands

    Stability Certificate


    Issue stability certificate after repairs by licensed structural engineer

Save time and cost
Early repairs save time and cost both. Make sure you get correct advice.
Identify and stop the source of leakages. Live healthier and be productive
Properly executed structural repairs extend the service life by 15 to 20 years 
Appoint structural auditors, not on price, but on quality, as you deserve the best
Certifications and affiliations